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Research and Development

Objectives of the Brewery

The main objective consists in teaching activities in the framework of subjects provided by the Department of Food Biotechnologies and Agricultural Product Quality, to which the Research and Educational Microbrewery is attached. These subjects include Brewery Technology, Beer Production I and II, and Fundamentals of Food Production, Quality of Plant Productions, Equipment and Machinery in the Food Industry, Sensory Analysis, Processing of Agricultural Products, Processing of Plant Products, Fermentation Technology, Food Legislation and Quality Management.

In the context of research activities, we are focused not only on own research, but also willing to cooperate with other breweries that might show interest in batches that they are not operationally able to carry out in their own technologies, while our “micro-capacity” (100 to 200 litres per batch) is sufficient for them to test. Another advantage is the possibility to simulate the production in CKT and/or open vats, in the way that beer was previously fermented.


The technology of the microbrewery is designed such that production is possible by almost all previously and currently used technological processes. Fermentation tanks in the fermentation room (the place where the beer itself is actually created – the bitter-sweet solution is added to cultured yeast, which generates alcohol and CO2) are constructed with removable lids. Beer can be produced in the cylindrical-conical (abbreviated as CC) tank mode, where the fermentation process takes place in a closed vessel, but also in the original form of “fermentation vats” (i.e. open vessels), i.e. a commonly used technology before the arrival of CC-tanks.  Another important aspect is the method of heating the house. We use indirect heating by means of hot oil, which - as it is evenly distributed over the entire heated area - prevents local overheating and scorching during the preparation of the wort and hopped wort, as is the case, for example, with the heating by steam applied in large breweries.

Raw materials processed

For “Czech beer” we only use raw materials of Czech origin - malt (malt plant of the brewery Ferdinand, Benešov u Prahy), hop (Žatecký poloraný červeňák - Czech fine aroma hops known as “Saaz”, Sládek – region of Žatec) and yeast. For purposes of education and research, we also produce beer specials which currently gain on interest among beer consumers. Our priority though remains with the academic focus of production - i.e. teaching and research.

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Studentska 1668, 370 05
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Tel.+420 387 772 427 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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