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The Department scrutinizes a wide range of issues, related in particular the reasonable use, management and development of the agricultural landscape, with respect to the protection of soil, water, biota and fauna. The individual sections of the Department are concerned with the issue of the sustainable development of rural areas, with an orientation towards both the economic aspect and marketing and the issue of research into runoff generation and water quality in in agricultural and forestry catchments, which is closely related to the use of soil and forms a part of designing and implementation of land improvements.

In the Bachelor’s level of study, students first acquire, primarily, the fundamental general knowledge in water management, they learn to work with geographical information systems, meteorology, economics, etc.  In the Master’s level of study, students will learn mainly about the principles of designing of land improvements and the individual common facilities, such as water management structures, projects of ecological stability systems, anti-erosion measures or field paths. Moreover, students’ attention will be directed at the fundamentals of drawing-up of zoning plans.

What studying at the Department of Landscape Management entails

We currently provide newly accredited professional Bachelor’s degree in Land Adjustment and Real Estate Trade and Agribussines (in full-time and combined forms) and the follow-up Master’s degree in Landscape Improvement and Real Estate Conveyancing.  

  • Land Adjustment and Real Estate Trade aims to prepare students not only for managing land consolidation projects but also for conducting a wide range of activities closely related to land consolidation designing, such as basic surveying, designing of ecologic stability systems, designing of anti-erosion and minor flood control measures, valuation and management of property, zoning planning or environmental protection,
  • Agribusiness provides students with education and development of knowledge and skills in the complexity of agricultural business, which comprises primary agricultural production, pursuing business in this segment, agricultural produce processing, trading in agricultural commodities and trade connected with agricultural machinery. Last but not least, the study prepares agricultural entrepreneurs who will have an insight into production and processing procedures in agriculture and related branches - livestock breeding, plant cultivation, etc.

Within the Department of Landscape Management, two independent sections are currently at work, with one aimed at the issues of land adjustments, landscaping, construction and water management. The core subjects of this section mainly include a series of subjects Land Adjustments I and II, Land Consolidation Design and Preparatory Work for Land Adjustments, which is followed by a whole group of subjects oriented towards construction and surveying (e.g. Surveying I and II, Transportation Construction, Fundamentals of Building and Civil Engineering, etc.) or water management (Landscape Revitalisation, Stream Improvement, Protection and Use of Water Sources, Hydrology, etc.). The focus of the other section is on economy, marking and management.

At the same time, students will encounter several specific fields, technologies and activities during their studies - they will be given an opportunity to get involved in work with UAV technology, mainly in searching for young deer, they will learn to process cartographic outcomes, will participate in specific activities in the school minibrewery or in scientific research through the student grant GAJU currently underway; importantly, students are encouraged to file an application for their own grant within the framework of the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia.   

Students of the field Agrobusiness can participate in activities of the Student Centre Agrobusiness.

Is this the right study for you?

The studies provide something for everyone who is interested in making our landscape fully functional, both in terms of the sustainable development of the landscape and agricultural production. Full potential will be realized by future entrepreneurs in land consolidation and operation of real estate agencies.

Graduates will have fulfilled the requirements for obtaining interesting authorizations, known as “round stamps”.

Our motto reads: Field, meadow, forest - buy, sell, measure.

Graduates in Agrobusiness have knowledge of economy and agriculture: a guarantee of their high price on the labour market.

Agrobusiness programme of study - formerly Operations Economist - has the longest tradition at our Faculty. We are traditional and modern at the same time.

Practical training and employment of graduates

Practical training is a mandatory part of the studies. In both of our newly accredited professional Bachelor’s fields provided by our Department, i.e. Land Adjustments and Real Estate Conveyancing and Agrobusiness, practical training forms an integral part of the curriculum, and its length is 12 weeks at minimum. Students undergo a 4-week summer practical training in the follow-up Master’s field Land Adjustments and Real Estate Conveyancing.  

In the final year of the Master’s study, students very often undertake additional internships and practical training of their own choice and beyond their study duties. Students are given an opportunity to complete practical training in our cooperating organizations. These organizations include especially the State Land Office, Cadastral Offices, State Agricultural Intervention Fund or design companies such as GEOPOZEM s.r.o.

The Bachelor’s study will prepare its graduates for employment in the management of project teams, for working in the positions of authorized personnel for evaluation and preparation of projects, contracts, studies, etc. This approach is based primarily on graduates’ options of finding employment in state administration (Cadastral or Land Offices, Environmental Offices, Building Offices and Zoning Plan Sections, Administration of National Parks and Protected Areas, Water Protection Authorities, Forestry Management Authorities, Property or Real Estate Administration, etc.), and business sphere (design offices operating in land consolidation and land management planning offices, surveying offices, property administration, urban design offices,  soil surveys and analyses and re-delineation, GIS offices, consultancy and mediation services).

In turn, the Master’s level of study will prepare graduates for employment in working groups of design offices for land adjustments, zoning plans, ecological stability systems, water management and anti-erosion measures, or transportation or other civil structures. Graduates are also suitable candidates for positions in the state administration and local self-administration as well as real estate agencies.

Research activities and foreign cooperation

The Department’s research activities have long been directed at the issues of land adjustments, landscape improvement, landscape and urban environment and water management. Currently, the Department works on a project assigned by the Technology Agency and studies the role of urban greenery, and a student project of the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia focused on the water regime of the landscape and the use of unmanned technologies. The experience earned from research activities is transferred on a continuous basis to the practice to serve agricultural entities, including the Regional Authority departments.

In the context of foreign cooperation, our Department is proud of its active partnerships mainly with the Department of Landscape Architecture of the Faculty of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. Other partner institutions of the Department include Technische Universität München, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, University of Barcelona, University of Split, Technical University of Zvolen or University of Warmińsko-Mazurski in Olsztyn.

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