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Project Objective of ETC

To learn about and experience the history of brewing in the border region of South Bohemia and Low Bavaria

The project is funded by the EU - cross-border cooperation Czech Republic - Free State Bavaria Objective of ECT 2014–2020.

The main goal of the project is to unveil the common history of South Bohemian and Bavarian brewing, the culture connected with brewing and pubs and other related areas, and to present the research results in a popular educational form. The project comprises activities that will enable us to introduce, in detail, the shared roots of both regions in this sphere, and to use them effectively. One of the main outputs was to build a Museum of Beer Brewing on the Czech side (on the premises of the Purpose-Built Facility of the University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Agriculture), and to create a brewery exhibition on the premises of a monastery in the Bavarian village of Aldersbach. In both museums, the information will be processed and presented in an attractive, popular and educational form aimed at individual target groups. Visitors will be introduced to history of brewing, beer production and breweries historically active in Low Bavaria and South Bohemia. Visitors will learn interesting facts about the technologies used, technical development of this industry, the variety of beer types, pub culture, etc.

These investment activities will be supplemented on both sides with a wide range of no less important non-investment activities. The focus of the latter will be on the promotion of the newly created attractive features of both museums and their involvement in the current tourism, cultural and educational offer. An essential prerequisite for fulfilling the project objectives consists in professional analyses and data mining in the addressed thematic area of the project. For instance, this includes historical fact-finding on now extinct breweries and their products, field investigation and research in locations where those breweries operated; or comparative studies on the history of beer production and production conditions in brewing industry.

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